4 Best Chillout Games for You To Play in Free Time

Despite their entertainment value, video games are not the most relaxing way to spend your time when you’re stressed out and antsy after practicing responsible social distance. Platforming games across a chaotic online battlefield aren’t on any list of stress relievers I’ve read. We look for calming games in these moments that are not too taxing on our brains. In competitive multiplayer games, they shouldn’t be too loud, action-packed. These games rely on lightning-quick reactions. A simplistic, melodic soundtrack should slowly draw you into a charming world that deserves to be savored, not rushed through. We have compiled the best Chillout Games for you in this article.


Flow (stylized as flOw) is a single-player game in which you control a strange alien organism. An aquatic habitat is shaped like a multisegmented snake swimming around. A complex version of Snake is played where the object is to eat other, smaller creatures. It adds more segments to the snake. By eating organisms with unique markings, you can move deeper or shallower in the habitat. Players’ entities evolve when they reach specific depths. You will never be killed, but some enemies can knock you back to the previous level.

Aside from its easy-to-play mechanics, Flow features a soothing soundtrack and audio effects. The game’s chill nature is certainly heightened by the game’s echoed, aquatic sound effects. One of the most relaxing aspects of the game is the audio. 

Stardew Valley

A chill-out game like this is like the Platonic ideal. It’s an ostensible farming simulator, but it also includes puzzle-solving, dating, fishing, cooking, and occult elements. At first, you may feel overwhelmed. But it’s easy-to-learn-hard-to-master mechanics will draw you in without stressing you out too much. The game runs on practically anything with a screen and buttons.


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to participate in a reality show for mythical creatures?  This free-to-play rpg drops you into a colorful fantasy world, where the ultimate goal is to compete against other beings from folklore for fame and fortune.

The Fer.al’s main storyline can be dipped in and out of at will or you can choose to follow the many available quests and live an adventure-filled life. Besides customizing your avatar’s appearance, you can craft magical items and potions, and play minigames. It also gives you an option to chat with other players. If you replace Tom Nook with a jackalope who sells you pi*atas, you can even decorate your sanctuary like Animal Crossing.


Another creation by Jenova Chen that might appeal to you if you’re looking for a relaxing multiplayer experience is Journey. The player controls a robed character on a sandy desert planet. Your objective is to reach a large mountain in the distance. With your magic cape, which grows longer as you find upgrades, you can fly/glide as well as travel by foot. As the cape grows, you can fly farther. 

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