6 Platforms to Watch Cartoon Online Free!

If you were born in the 90s, then you probably remember the excitement of waiting for your favorite cartoon shows. But the time has changed. Kids no longer need to wait until the weekend for an extra-special lineup of animation. If you’re a kid or a cartoon-loving adult, you can watch cartoons online free on the below platform.

Where can you watch cartoons online free? You’ve come to the right place. Although there are several OTT platforms, these six great free cartoon websites will give you the best content. People watch cartoons regardless of their age; a kid lives inside of us at all times, and we never get bored of Tom & Jerry.

Cartoons can be great stress busters, especially old anime or 90s shows. They help people relax when they’re worried or anxious. The problem is that finding free websites where you can watch cartoons online can be difficult. The following list of resources offers free online cartoons and can help facilitate your search for the best free sites to watch cartoons online

1. Cartoon Network

This is probably the obvious answer. Cartoon Network is the best place to watch animated TV shows. It’s  mobile app and website both offer full episodes, animated shorts, and some of your favorite shows like Amazing World of Gumball, pokemons and anything that pops in your mind. 

2. Cartoons on

You can watch cartoons online for free on Cartoons On, a website that allows you to watch your favorite cartoon in HD quality. There is a library available of cartoons specific to your niche on the website. It satisfies all your cartoon cravings from anime to doraemon.  Accessible on any device, including smartphones, laptops, etc. the website has a great interface and is user-friendly.

The website categorizes cartoons by studio, character, series, and show name, making it easy for cartoon lovers to find the cartoons they want.

3. YouTube

The second free option is YouTube. YouTube also has 2D animation and cartoons and the best part is that it is completely free! It’s a free app to watch cartoons online, since YouTube is a huge platform with a huge library of cartoons. Millions of people search for different genres on YouTube. It is no secret that the platform has a collection of more than 6 billion videos. By searching the name of the cartoon or the category on YouTube, you can find any type of cartoon.

4. Watchcartoononline.bz

Watchcartoonoline.bz specializes only in cartoon TV shows and movies. A well-designed user interface, along with clear classifications, characterize this cartoon website. There are options for finding content based on trending, type, genre, year, show rating, and so on. Moreover, Watchcartoonoline.bz lets parents distinguish cartoons suitable for their children by providing them with age tags and synopses of each video.

5. Supercartoons

Each year, there are numerous new cartoon releases, but sometimes we just want to watch the same old shows again and again for pure joy. Some cartoons are close to our hearts and help us escape the adult world for a while. Supercartoons is such a place where you can relive all your childhood cartoon memories. You’ll find thousands of classic cartoons on this platform.

6. Cartoon crazy

Cartoon Crazy has a library of thousands of cartoons in decent quality, so users can access most of the cartoons they want. For people who are looking for the best anime streaming sites, Cartoon Crazy is a great resource for you. Choose from the Cartoon List or Anime Dubbed sections, or utilize the Genre classification to locate specific types of cartoons. You will get comedies, action, fantasy and all sorts of genre on this platform.

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