Best 5 Lens Protector For iPhone 11 Series

The cameras on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the biggest improvements from the past few years. Users are attracted to the dual-camera setup on the iPhone 11 and the triple-camera setup on the iPhone 11 Pro models. It is only the huge square bump the cameras are housed in that is problematic. We are not referring to the aesthetics of the setup; but to the fact that the bump is easy to scratch. You should use a camera lens cover if you want to keep those lenses pristine so you can keep taking beautiful photos. You can easily replace the cover if it gets scratched, and it keeps the lenses protected. This article lists  some of the best lens covers for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max available right now. 

Zagg Glass Fusion

Thankfully, Zagg Glass Fusion is the only product that won’t change the look of the camera area on your iPhone, so that’s it’s only saving grace. Zagg is a well known brand for its quality. Zagg Glass Fusion is also easy to move with your finger, and the photos taken with these movable protectors are terrible. 

TopACE Lens Covers for iPhone 11 series

The TopACE lens covers are made of 9H hardened tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. With a thickness of just 0.2 mm, the lens cover allows 99% of light to pass through to the cameras. It has been precisely cut to ensure that it matches the bump on the cameras. For the flash and microphone, there are also precision laser cutouts so that their performance is not compromised. As a result of its 9H hardness, the lens covers can easily prevent scratches and scuffs. If the cover gets scratched, you can easily replace it since it comes in a pack of 4 at no cost. 

Spigen GlasTR Slim

The Spigen GlasTR Slim camera protectors would be the one we’d recommend if you’re absolutely scared about shattering your lenses. As there are two in each package, you can settle into that false sense of security after dropping your iPhone and breaking the protector that the product actually did something. In spite of this, the edges of the Spigen GlasTR Slim are quite noticeable. When compared to the Ringke Camera Styling Aluminum Frame Protector, Spigen GlasTR Slim has a piece of foam between the metal piece and the adhesive.

Rhinoshield Tempered Glass Lens Protector

The Rhinoshield Tempered Glass Lens Protector is the perfect choice if you want to change the appearance of your camera lens. It has a small variety of different colors, and the aluminum ring around the glass is quite large, so it really catches your eye.


These are the best lens covers you can buy for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The most common accessory we forget to purchase for our cameras is camera lens covers, and this can prove disastrous. So check them out and buy them to protect your brand new iPhone’s most important feature.

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