Best Arena 12 Deck | 2022 Update

Would you like to leave Arena 12 and enter Arena 13, also known as Rascal’s hideout? Consider that you are now playing the game. Therefore, you only need to master one deck. You need to find the best clash royale arena 12 deck to achieve this. What can you expect from Arena 12? You should know by now that gamers now have seven new cards, such as the Graveyard and the tricky Skeleton Barrel. Read on to learn about the best Arena 12 decks.

Arena 12 is one of the most intense venues for competitions. Decks vary greatly, but here you will learn which deck to use, especially at higher levels. If you want to get more complicated, all you have to do is choose the right deck. There’s some extensive research you can do, but we’ll do my best to make this as simple as possible. Let’s look at the best clash royale deck arena 12 together.

Double Prince Goblin Giant Deck – Arena 12

The Double Prince Goblin Giant Deck is one of the best Arena 12 decks. It’s average elixir is 3.5. This is a good deck with good attacking abilities and excellent defense abilities. In addition to using bats and spear goblins, players can use goblin gangs and giant cards to defend themselves from air attacks. There are no defensive cards available. Zap and Fireball are damage spells. If you want to win, Goblin Giant is your best option.

Decks like this are ideal for higher levels. As soon as you master this deck, you’ll also feel at ease in the league. Defending with this deck is not difficult, as it has a very high defensive capacity. We would describe it as a counter deck. Therefore, you should be aware that you must go the extra mile to develop your strategy. Let the deck’s energy take care of the rest. 

Hog Rider 2.6 Cycle Deck – Arena 12

The Hog Rider 2.6 Cycle Deck is one of the top Arena 12 decks. It has an average elixir of 2.6. This is a good deck with average attacking and defense abilities. Those cards can be utilized for air defense by Musketeers and Ice Golems. You can use Cannons to defend against air attacks. You can use Fireballs and Logs to deal damage. Keep in mind that Montapurcos is your best option.

The deck is very popular. By consistently using the hog rider, it’s all about keeping the opponent under pressure. This can be accomplished in countless ways. With a card with a lower cost, you can move faster. Afterwards, you can use stronger cards like Musketeers and Hog Rider. The Fireball card can be used without hesitation in the later stages of the game using the same strategy. 

X-Bow 3.0 Cycle Deck – Arena 12

One of the best Arena 12 decks is the X-Bow 3.0 Cycle Deck. Its average elixir is 3.0. It has average attacking ability and excellent defensive ability. Archer and Tesla cards can be used for air defense. You can also use XBox and Tesla for defense. The damage spell cards are Fireball and Log. Remember that X-Bow is your winning card.

A classic deck of cards. The X-Bow card is used to damage the turret when it is within range. The turret is then defended by cards like Tesla. You must not forget that you need to closely follow your opponent’s amount of elixir in order to do this. The opponent will have a chance to punish you whenever you use X-Bow to destroy. This will increase your chances of losing. You should take great care when using X-Bow. 

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