Best Deck for Arena 6 | 2022 Update

In the Clash Royale Arena Challenge of 2022, you will have to go through the gauntlet of different arenas in order to reach the highest parts of the arena. Based on the available card pool, you will be able to use different decks along the way. We’ll list the best deck options for Arena 6 in this guide if you’re wondering what they are!

Balloon Deck

When ignored or the opponent lacks an arrow or a log, Goblin Barrel can deal over 700 damage. The miner is effective against Spawner structures such as furnaces, barbarian huts, and goblin huts. They are also vulnerable to poison.

With Witch, the Balloon deck would be a good match. It is compatible with Witch, and it can be strong.

Hog 2.8 Cycle Deck

In this slightly faster Hog cycle deck, Knight replaces Valkyrie, which makes it more similar to the first one. Cannon, Fire Spirit, Fireball, Hog Rider, Musketeer, Skeletons, The Log, and Knight are included.

Mortar Deck

It is simply a substitute. Fire spirit can be substituted for ice spirit, and barbarian barrel can be substituted for the log. Almost the same cards, Barbarian Barrel and Log have a high range compared to Barbarian Barrel. The other difference is that Log deals more damage and has a long range, but barrel spawns a barbarian that can be very useful.

As well as being used as a defense, the mortar cards can also be used as an offense. Thus, you can choose any card that suits your deck. There can be a great deal of hog bridge spam. Furthermore, this is a very efficient tactic deck, so it’s definitely worth using.

Witch Deck

In the game, the knight is the most powerful small tank. Valkyrie also has a decent hitpoint, and both have high hitpoints. It is not a legendary card. Tanks such as the Valkyrie and Knight are available. If you like the Valkyrie, you can have it.

A hog would benefit from adding knights or valkyries, while a witch might benefit from archers. The purpose of an xbow deck is to quickly cycle to your winning condition. It should not be too expensive.

Builder’s Workshop Pekka Deck

In order to destroy towers, you can use knight archers and goblins. A wizard focuses on defense. The Pekka card is a winning card, and you can use it to push.

If you push with Pekka, make sure that you have a goblin deck in the row so that your attacks will be effective.

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