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Clash Of Clan Gowipe TH8 – How to Do a 3 Star Attack

So, You are a Clash of Clan Lover. So are we !. It takes weeks to master a particular attack but we think Gowipe Th8 (Town Hall 8) is the most basic. It is kinda easy to lean too.

About Gowipe Th8

  • In our opinion, the best troop combination available on the game. This is the “classic” formation, the most popular and common formation that has been used for years.
  • They are not as easy to master as Balloons and Dragons, so you will need to practice a little bit to learn how to do it right, but this is definitely a powerful troop combination and every Clasher must know how to do it right.
  • If you don’t make any huge mistakes you can get 2 stars against ANY village on the game, no matter how great it is.
  • This attack is so popular that has many variants: GoWiWi (Golem + Wizard + Witch), Gowipe Th8 (Golem + Wizard + P.E.K.K.A) or even GoWiWiPe (Golem + Wizard + Witch + P E. K. K.A).


2-5 Golems

10-20 Wizards

6-15 Wall Breakers

2-6 Witches to

3-5 Barbarians / Archers


The idea is the some on all these Golem attacks: release Golems to distract the defenses, Wizards to destroy everything, P.E.K.K.As to add some high damage unit and Witches behind them to make Skeletons and give the defense a hard time.


  1. It’s always recommended to kill the Clan Troops, but if you can’t the Golems are tough and will survive.
  2. If the walls are exposed, it’s a great idea the break them with Wall Breakers before the actual attack. You can use Barbarian as a distraction.
  3. Release 2 or 3 Golems on the same side of the map but on different places. Never release all 3 on the same spot. Great attacks usually invade the village in 2 or 3 different places, so release 1 or 2 Golems on each place you want to invade the enemy village. If you release all Golems together on the same place they can get “lost” and not target the defense you have planned. This can be fatal to your attack. By releasing them separated even if 1 goes to the wrong direction, the other ones can save your attack.
  4. Don’t forget that Eagle makes splash damage. Is this hits multiple Golems on the same shot you will be in trouble.
  5. Release all troops and Heroes, but save some Wiz to the end. Quickly releasing all Wiz make your attack vulnerable to a Giant Bomb or a Mortars.
  6. P.E.K.K.A: you can release them with the Golems or later with the Wizards, is up to you. We are not fans of P.E.K.K.As because they are not so smart and very often they don’t go the direction you want. For this reason, we recommend to wait a bit to release so you can direct their attack. Destroy all buildings that can create a distraction first and only when the path is clear, release the P.E.K.K.As. If you release on the beginning with Golems there is a big chance they will go around the base and die without making any useful damage. Unfortunately they are not very smart. The King has the same issue, so be careful.
  7. Use Freeze Spell on the Inferno Towers and Rage on the troops. Our spell recommendation: 1-2 Rages, 1-2 Freezes, 2 Jumps or 4 Earthquakes + 1 Jump.


  • FREEZE: Always on Infernos. This is the most important spell for this formation. If Single Target, wait and release when it targets a strong troop (Heroes, P.E.K.K.A.s or Golems). Don’t worry about the Wizards. If Multi Target: as soon as it starts to attack your troops. In seconds the Inferno Tower can burn all your Wizards, so be very careful to release the second Freeze as soon as the first is over.
  • RAGE: If you have only one, wait for the troops to get close to the Inferno Towers and Town Hall. If you have more than one, release anywhere close to the defenses.
  • JUMP: Very useful to direct the troops to the Town Hall. We are taking one with us every time. Release it close to the Town Hall, creating a clean path to it. The first wall layer you can still break with Wall Breakers, so save the spell for the 2nd and 3rd layer.
  • EARTHQUAKE: Very important to this formation. 4 spells can break any wall of any level, so it’s a good choice to open a huge hole on the village.
  • LIGHTNING / POISON: You can use to kill the Clan Troops. Recommended to beginners that are still afraid of them. If you are a Pro, just get over it and face with your level 45 Heroes. 🙂
  • HEAL: Not very useful on the with this formation. Not recommended.


  • They can beat any village, no matter how great it is.
  • It doesn’t matter how the X-Bows or how the Inferno Towers are configured: multi-target, single-target, solo, air/solo. It doesn’t matter, you can crash any village.


  • Gowipe Th8 takes a l0000ng time to get the army ready and you will probably damage your Heroes in all battles. Unless you want to wait 1 hour you will have to boost the Heroes, Spell Factory and Barracks.
  • Watch for the Inferno Towers. If they are on single mode, it’s strongly recommended to attack using Witches instead of P.E.K.K.As and Wizards.
  • It’s not exactly a cheap attack so be careful or you might run out of Dark Elixir.
  • You need strong Heroes. Golems will take the damage, but you will need extra firepower and the Wizards might not handle it by themselves. So strong Heroes, especially a strong Queen, is recommended.


With Gowipe Th8 attack you can beat ANY village on the game, no mistake.

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