How To Connect Xbox Controller to PC – 3 Ways In 2018

Are you having problem with your new Xbox controller which you just bought? No need to worry now, we will help you with all your problems of connecting Xbox Controller to PC. A keyboard and mouse is good for first person shooters, while for other platforming works best with a controller. Thankfully, it is more easy to play with Xbox Controller then with a PS4 Controller.

There are couple of ways of connecting Xbox Controller with PC, here we will provide you with best and easy ways of connecting Xbox Controller with PC, hope you love them.

so, let’s checkout the 3 proven ways to connect Xbox Controller to PC.

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1. Using a USB cable for connecting your Xbox Controller With PC.

How To Connect Xbox Controller to PC

You can use a USB cable to connect Xbox Controller with Pc, whether it is a wired controller or wireless. You can use this method and man it is really easy, just follow these steps.

Note : Those who are having Wired Controller’s can skip this step.

Step 1 : Just fix USB cable to front end of the Xbox Controller.

Step 2 : Fix the second end of the USB cable to desired USB slot on your Pc.

Step 3 : As you plug in the USB cable to your Pc, Windows will automatically install the drivers of Xbox Controller for you.

Bravo! now you can enjoy playing games with your controller.


2. Using a wireless Xbox adapter to connect your Xbox Controller with PC.

How To Connect Xbox Controller to PC

Other than USB cable, one can also connect controller with PC by using Xbox Adapter. Thing you need to make sure is that  your Xbox controller must be having batteries, follow these steps to continue :

Step 1 : Get the Xbox adopter and plugin it to the PC, and press the ON button which is placed at the other end or edge of the adopter. If the indicator light on the adopter lights up then it’s ready to use, otherwise check connection again.

Step 2 : As soon as the windows install the Xbox Controller drivers, click the Xbox button to turn on your controller.

Step 3 : Now you need to click on the controller bind button on the top of controller. The LED lights on controller and adopter will blink simultaneously like they are talking to eachother……. but they are connecting. Once they stop blinking and become constant, controller is connected to PC.

Additional Info :

If your PC is having Xbox wireless built in, like that of Microsoft Surface Studio, then you can connect Xbox Controller through Add a device in Settings. You can follow these steps to know more :

  1. Click on home button and then go to settings icon and click it.
  2. Click on Devices Icon.
  3. Click on Add bluetooth or other device.
  4. Click on Everything else.
  5. Select Xbox Controller in the options and then press Done.

By now you will be having fun playing your games and enjoy.

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3. Using Bluetooth to Connect your Xbox Controller to PC.

How To Connect Xbox Controller to PC

For this you need to have a bluetooth enabled Xbox Controller as well as a bluetooth enabled  Pc, then you connect your controller easily, follow the following steps to know more :

Note : Your Windows must be updated to the latest version.

Step 1 : Turn on the bluetooth on PC, to turn ON bluetooth on Xbox Controller press the Xbox button .

Step 2 : Press the Blind Button and hold it for few seconds, and then release it.

Step 3 : Click on home button and then go to settings icon and click it.

Step 4 : Click on Devices Icon and then click on Add bluetooth or other device.

Step 5 : Go and select Xbox Controller and then select Pair.

That’s all, you can now enjoy playing games with your Xbox Controller. Share it with your friend’s and colleagues to even let them know “How To Connect Xbox Controller with PC”.

Help us know if we have missed something or anyother way of connecting Xbox Controller with PC in the comment section below. Like and follow us on social platforms too for more such updates. Thank You!!


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