How To Download YouTube Videos In Mobile Gallery?

How To Download YouTube Videos In Mobile Gallery?

Would you like to download videos from YouTube to your mobile storage or gallery? But how to download YouTube videos in your mobile gallery? If you are struggling with the same problem then this article will guide you to download the videos. 

However, not all videos offer the option to download. YouTube videos can be downloaded via offline mode in two ways. The first is the free version where you can only download a few videos. The other is YouTube Premium membership where the user is required to view and download across devices.

The downloaded videos however cannot be shared with others in the free plan. The reason you can’t share it easily with your friends is because it remains in your application.

There are times when creators disable the option for you to download a file for yourself as they feel it should not be reuploaded, or for whatever reason, as a consequence you cannot download that video through your YouTube mobile app. 

You can easily download YouTube videos in a mobile gallery by following these simple tricks described in this article. 

How To Download YouTube Videos In Mobile Gallery?

This process does not require you to download any applications or websites to watch YouTube videos. YouTube videos can be downloaded from the YouTube app to your phone’s gallery or storage.

Do you believe it? By enabling some important options in your YouTube app, you will be able to download any YouTube video directly to storage without using any other application or website. 

If you want to download Youtube videos to the phone gallery, you will need an SD card in your smartphone. Follow these instruction to download YouTube videos:

Step 1: Open your YouTube app and tap on the account on top right.

Step 2: Tap on the settings option as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Click the download option.

Step 4: Then you must enable the “Use SD Card” option.

Step 5: Go to the video on YouTube that you wish to download.

Step 6: Click on the download button. 

Step 7: Tap on this option to start downloading the video, and when the download is complete, the video will also appear in your mobile gallery and on SD Card storage

By tapping on the library and then on the download button, you can see the status of the download.

By following the steps above, you would also understand how to download videos from YouTube directly through the official YouTube application without using any software or app. 

Use Third-Party Applications

Although there are many third party applications available, downloading videos with Videoder is a breeze.

Video can be downloaded from YouTube, as well as from Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Voot, Sonyliv, Viu, Vine, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, and an assortment of other video platforms using this application.

Their website lists all supported platforms. It’s interesting to see that Videoder is available as an application on Android, macOS, and Windows-based systems.


Consider purchasing YouTube Premium if you want a more immersive experience. The benefits of this premium membership are numerous.

YouTube Music Premium will be available to you, as well as the ability to watch videos without advertisement. It is possible to download the music as well as to play it in the background using the premium option.

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