How to Send Bug Report to MI for Analysis?

We can all agree that Android devices are great. They have given us numerous options at our fingertips with the latest advancement in technology. There are however some bugs and glitches that come along with all that greatness. Even though these are rarely seen, they can make your phone virtually unusable if they increase in frequency. The MIUI software also presents certain errors which are eventually fixed with the arrival of new updates. It is fundamental to Xiaomi’s correction that we give Xiaomi our feedback, report problems, or report bugs.

Fortunately, Xiaomi offers us the possibility to report any problem, failure or error present on their smartphones through an intuitive tool built into MIUI. No one likes bugs, but the sooner we report them, the sooner Xiaomi can fix them. But How to Send Bug Report to Mi for Analysis?

Moreover, when we report a MIUI error, we aren’t only trying to resolve a specific issue, we are also trying to help the Xiaomi community itself, the Mi Fans, avoid the same errors and have the best possible experience.

You might want to check for updates or even factory reset your device in such cases. For those who don’t wish to wipe their devices and start over, they can send the manufacturer a bug report and hope that it will be fixed in the next update they issue. 

It is quite simple to make the report. Navigate to the Device Settings and select the Services and Comments option. Make sure that your My Account is active at first. 

In this article we’re going to look at how to send a bug report to Mi for analysis and help you in reporting bugs

Send a bug report to MI for analysis by following these steps:

First you need to enable the Developer mode on your phone. Enabling developer mode on your phone is essential before you can begin sending bug reports.

You can skip this section if you have already done so.

Tap on About phone in the settings of your phone.

To enable developer mode you need to tap Build number seven times.

Reporting bugs

Here’s how to send bug reports once you’ve enabled developer mode.

Step 1: Tap the System option in the settings of your phone.

Step 2: Now Tap the Developer options.

Step 3: Click on tap bug report

Step 4: Select the type of bug report you wish to send and click Report.

Step 5: As soon as your phone finishes compiling all analysis data, it will send any necessary screenshots to the manufacturer for review.

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