How To Send Gift Messages On Instagram?

How To Send Gift Messages On Instagram?

To make direct messaging more interesting, Instagram is adding a lot of new features. It has features like Swipe to reply to a specific message, changing the chat color or theme, sending a gift message, and more. Among the cool features of the app is the ability to send a gift message. But how to send gift messages on instagram and use the latest feature?

Compared to normal chat, Gift Message is a bit different. The recipient can only see your text message when they tap the gift icon after receiving it on their chat.

Text messages are wrapped in gift boxes using this feature. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks lately and has a good retention rate with users. 

Instagram continues to be more modern and more up-to-date than Facebook, generally appealing to older people. Due to constant updates, people are now questioning how they can handle this new Instagram update. Learning how to use Instagram is not an easy task, especially with the new updates.

How To Send Gift Messages On Instagram?

A message was sent in a gift box before the New Year with the last update made before that date. What is the best way to send a gift message on Instagram DM in the year 2022 and what all has changed in this feature? This article will explain how to do it for Android and iPhone users. 

How to send gift messages on Instagram?

All you need to do to learn how to send a gift message on Instagram DM is enter the Instagram DM box and choose the recipient. In Instagram, the camera tool appears on the left side of the message box when you text someone.

Adding a gift or flaming to your Instagram post is as simple as typing the message you want, clicking the magnifying glass on the left, and selecting the tool you want. When you learn how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2022, you’ll get fancy messages

How to troubleshoot the problem if you cannot send gift message?

The update probably hasn’t reached your iPhone or Android phone yet if you still cannot see the magnifying glass tool when you are writing in the Instagram DM box. You need to update your app and wait till the update gets completed.

Try the following method to resolve the sending Gift message issue:

Go to the private message sending field on the profile of the person you wish to send an Instagram gift message to. Send a meet message, such as hello or hello, in the send private message field. 

The messaging bar will be replaced by a search icon after that. Pressing this icon will display a variety of stickers and icons. In this section, you can choose between four different new icons, including Instagram gift messages.

Choose the icon in a pink gift wrap format to create an Instagram gift message. The gift message appears in the Instagram post area after you select it. This icon can be sent.

In some business accounts, the gift message feature is not available. Switching from a business account to a personal account will solve the problem. 

To switch account types, follow these steps:

You can access your profile by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

Then, select Settings.

Tap Account on the settings page.

From the bottom of the page, select Switch Account Type. Then, choose a Personal Account.

You can find the gift message option in the chat after switching your account to personal as explained above.

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