Instagram captions for girls – How to write good Instagram captions!

Finding a caption that matches the vibe of the picture and reads interestingly at the same time is no easy task. We’ve all struggled with it. Sometimes we want to be poetic and sometimes we want to be quirky.

Most of the time, we want to just be ourselves.So, what do you think? Here are a few suggestions for writing the best Instagram captions for girls that you can use on your social media accounts.

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It takes more than just taking beautiful photos and editing them with Lightroom presets to create a successful Instagram post. You also need to write an interesting caption for Instagram along with using the appropriate hashtags.

It is no secret that a good caption will be noticed by the IG algorithm and itl ensures your followers will spend more time with it. 

This is a kind of signal to the Instagram algorithm. So if you want your Instagram post to stand out, you need good Instagram captions for your pictures! Despite the fact that I love cats, I am not a caption expert.

Why do you need a good Instagram caption?

It is true that a “good Instagram caption” stops your Instagram Followers from scrolling. The full description makes them look for and swipe a carousel post.

You can motivate your followers to comment on your Instagram photos by using a good caption. A good Instagram caption can even lead to a real discussion on the topic you are posting. Try these for your next post:

Choose a funny tone

This funny Instagram caption is a small joke that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your picture. “I run marathons at home.” or “When Life gives you lemons, ask for soda”. Make it witty and interesting.

A funny caption makes your reader happy, so it is worth using. Instagram is all about happiness. Since Instagram is “a happy place” and everyone’s lives seem to be amazing, everything is pretty there.


  • I’m a large-sized doll. Unfortunately, you cannot play with me.
  • The vegetable version of me would be a cabbitch
  • I’m that snack who always talks back.
  • Treat a woman with respect, otherwise she will piss on you.
  • Besides being badass, sometimes I manage to have a good ass.
  • Skinny legends don’t share food.
  • Today, I’m hot-tea.

Try to be more Thoughtful in your captions

Unlike the funny caption on Instagram, the thoughtful caption is the exact opposite. There are many good Instagram captions from people talking about something they care about.

They can give your followers a positive word of motivation and make them feel good. Show kindness. You can try something like be yourself or dream the impossible – because some dreams really do come true or never lose hope.

You can also add quotes by famous people that can be a great source of thoughtful Instagram captions. You will find plenty of quotes on google.


  • You are a glorious mess, embrace it.
  • I’m not short, I’m focused and awesome!
  • Princess, lift your head and rock that crown
  • You become a day younger with every smile
  • A smile is the essence of beauty

Give a personal touch

You can also write a good Instagram caption by simply telling your day’s story. Keep in mind that your followers are interested in you. Share something about yourself with them – what happened to you or what is important to you.

It is also possible to write an Instagram caption about “3 things most people do not know about me” – and you can be sure that people will read further!


  • Weekend was all about Pizza Hut
  • Shiny nails, bouncy hair…..attitude positive
  • Yoga has helped to manage my stress. I feel alive and awaken
  • Shopping and drinking. That is my aim for the day!

Be niche specific

Depending on your topic, you can also provide some tips and tricks to your followers in your Instagram captions. Instagram captions of that type work well with beauty, fashion, travel, and DIY accounts.

Your followers will love it when you tell them about secret photo spots in a city or how they can explore a new place for free!


  • Don’t question your own beauty when admiring another’s
  • What are some of the things on my bucket list? Almost Everywhere.
  • Leave a trail of memories.
  • The world is wide and life is short. I better start packing my bags.

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