Samsung J56 Price In Bangladesh

Samsung galaxy J5 is another phone from the Samsung J series.

Samsung galaxy j5 2016 is a decent looking phone . This phone supports 4G/LTE and with a 2GB of ram and a 1.2 Ghz processor this a good budget phone .

Samsung Galaxy J56 specifications, price, camera, ram, features, memory, interal storage, 4G

* Beautiful design
* Very handy, easy to handle
* Battery backup is great
* Back camera is good
* No heating issues

* If we are charging, it will not show any light or any notification whether it is charging or not. We need to on the screen and check whether it is charging or not. So every time we need to turn it on and see whether it is charging or not.
* Camera issue: Once you take the picture and then press the back button it is taking some time to come back to camera mode.
* If you turn on the flash and take pic with back camera it is taking some time to capture the picture. With out Flash it is taking very fast.
* Volume is very low. Not enough for a medium sized room.
* Ear phones are not good especially for me.


Price of Samsung J5 2016 in Bangladesh is 14,015 BDT

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