Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier, Repeater

Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier, Repeater Reviews, Features, Price, Buy

Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier is one the easiest and powerful repeater from Xiaomi. If House area is too large, too thick wall at home or other problems make the WIFI signal poor, or from time to time, leading to play games, and slow loading web pages, long waiting time. In the toilet, balcony signal weak Use Xiaomi WIFI amplifier, WIFI signal can be expanded up to double.

How to setup Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier, Repeater:-

  • Basically it’s working with any wifi router (I’ve tried Asus and ADB), you just need to download the application Mi Home, it’s not in GooglePlay, just download the APK.
  • After connect to any USB the application finds new xiaomi device in range. Just pick up your wifi network then, put the password and wait. If it goes blue you are on the right way.
  • But Probably your after 100% there will be error in app, but it doesn’t matter, you can find new wifi network named with _plus in the end. Connect to it with your password and enjoy better signal.
  • If it still green light, try to reset it with hidden button a few times. If it still green try to NOT find manually but wait till app find the device in the range. Then the LED should turn blue .

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier White

Main Features:-


  • Light weight(50g only), you can carry with it and pair with the routers easily.
  • No need to switch the hotspot,WiFi signal enhance up to double.
  • Special USB power supply unit, the USB can be rotated at 180 degree. Charging for the WiFi amplifier is so convinent.
  • XiaoMi WiFi amplifier,  can upgraded automatically without any setting.
  • Accurate detection the connection state and strength of signal.Plug and play, easy to use.


Brand Xiaomi
Type Wireless
Rated Voltage 5V
Rated Current 0.5A
Wi-Fi Supported Frequency 2.4G
Transmission Rate 150 Mbps
Weight 23.6g


Price and buy:-

The Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier is available at the price tag of just 5.99$ for flash sale and you can easily buy it from the Gearbest.

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